Finished! Done! Kaput! (cough, spit, gasp, wheeze…)

The 2008 Davis Stampede is a thing of the past, but the pain in my legs will certainly be sticking around for a while. Ugh!

But it’s a good kind of pain, the kind of pain you can actually be proud to suffer from – along with the hundreds of poor souls who crossed the finish line today. Poor soles indeed.

Anyhow, after obsessing over the race for weeks, we avoided bad weather altogether. The day was bright, cool and full of good vibes. My goal was to come in under 2 hours and Lo! Check the numbers, baby… 30 seconds to spare! Honestly I surprised myself big time. After mile 9 I had to ask someone if my legs were still attached because I couldn’t feel them anymore. 😉

Rebecca took some snaps of the before and after. See below. Thanks to Liam, Courtney, Jeff & Amy for stopping by to see just how sweaty I was. Next stop, Portland Oregon Marathon??? Maybe after I find my quadriceps.

Until the next one, this is RunningForNow signing off… I’ll be back!

~ Jeff

The beginning. Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

And they’re off! Well, sort of. The first leg through town was really crowded.

See how quick that was?? I managed to find a wormhole along the way and shaved off 30 seconds from the time-space continuum. Under 2 hours!!

Instant replay in case you missed it. No, I didn’t photoshop the numbers.

Agony of da feet. (it had to be said!) Bend, crouch, squat… die.

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Official Chip Time & Gun Time here, I’m #298 but check out #150!


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