5 miles and holding

It felt like I was losing steam these past few weeks, with the holidays and all. Not sure my half-marathon training is anything to write home about. (so I’ll just write to my blog about it)

I have mapped out one of the runs I’ve been doing quite a bit these days and it came up as 5 miles. I’m hoping to get out for a longer run this weekend. I’d like to see about a 10 mile loop somewhere. If I can run that with a strong finish I’ll be feeling better about the Davis Stampede come Feb. 3rd.

Thing is, I know I can run a half-marathon and make it to the finish line alive. It’s my time that will be lagging behind. Still, I started this blog to track my progress “beating the pavement… racking my brain” NOT to win awards or beat personal bests – or outdo others. It’s about getting out-doing something, right?

Thanks for reading!

~ Jeff


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