meet Maurice

Over the weekend, I met up with friend and filmmaking cohort Matthew Magennis in Oakland for some pre-holiday fun. It’s not often we have a sizable chunk of time on our hands, so I decided to bring along my assortment of video cameras just in case we had the urge to exercise our improvisational muscles. (does that sound icky?)

Suffice it to say that in the next few months we’ll be introducing folks to a few new Flicker Picture family members. Along with the ongoing Loyd Greenblat and Lenny G. Blat production, this motley crew of entertainment industry dreamers and schemers are sure to disgust, distress, and tickle the funny bone all in one viewing.

Here’s one of our pals, Maurice, a former high school biology “professor” who turned to entertainment for more job satisfaction and spiritual/creative freedom.

The web series “ISSUES” [working title] is now in post-production and, pending a handful of corporate contracts, will be launched sometime before Christmas.

Now, back to beating the pavement…


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