tread on me

Yesterday, instead of a run, Bec and I hiked Cold Canyon (Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve to be exact).

A view of Lake Berryessa from the crest of the trail.

Typically we get going earlier in the day making it a morning hike into the early afternoon, but this time we decided to sleep in a bit and shoot for a late afternoon hike, aiming to get back to the car before it got too dark. We parked the car at 2:45ish and made it back by 5:15ish for about 2.5 hours of trail time – not sure about the miles. I have to say, hiking that time of day is a real treat as the light is soft and the air is generally cool, making for some nice photos. I had my camera handy on my belt to snap a few shots along the way. The ride from Davis to Winters, where the trail is, was about 30 minutes.

We found wandering souls imprinted on the trail… evidence that we weren’t alone. Tis the Halloween season I suppose.

The trail was chockablock with these little nut pods. Not sure what they are, but they did look tasty. Anyone? I love the glossy brown skin. ** I’ve just been informed that these trees are California Buckeye (another link here) – thanks Shaw! **

This little guy looked tasty, too, but proved too fast for me and scooted under the shrubs before I could catch him. I ate my grapes instead.

There’s a fantastic contrast to be found in this area this time of year, between lots of greens mixed with the bright colors of fall. We’d like to get a few more longer day hikes in before the rainy weather (?) muddies up the trails too much. If you have any ideas let me know!


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