You know — for the joints!

Yes. I’m a glucosamine junkie. Several months back I developed some knee pain, aka runner’s knee, aka underdeveloped quads and poor running posture. I did make a trip to the doctor’s to get some X-rays as the “crunchies” were audible when flexing and bending my knees, mostly my right. When hanging out with friends I’d become Old Grampa, flexing the knees for people , “You hear that?” referring to what sounded like rice crispies “That’s not good.” Then we’d crack up imagining me 50 years from now on the porch entertaining the neighborhood kids with Palmer’s Amazing Knee Symphony. Well, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

So I’ve since been taking the recommended amounts of Glucosamine & Chrondroitin (a joint rebuilding and strengthening formula) for what ails me and, I must say, the crunchies and pain have diminished considerably. [it’s even orange]

Plus I’ve improved my running posture as I used to lean forward far too much, thus putting more stress on the kneecaps. And I’ve also been running more on grass and dirt, trying to avoid as much pavement as I can. On top of all this maintenance I got new sneaks which will certainly provide more spring in my step. With any luck I’m on track and on the mend.

Still, there’s no shortage of Vitamin C, A and beta carotene in my diet these days, which is fine by me. And according to the medicine ingredients I even get a dose of shellfish with each tablespoon. Mmmmm… citrus flavored shrimp anyone?


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