first entry

I started a blog where folks can readily find out “What’s up with Jeff?”, because, let’s face it, everyone got sick of reading all those outrageous stories in the tabloids, so I said enough already. It’s time I set the record straight. Now you can get all the juicy details in one click directly from the horse’s you-know-what. Don’t say I didn’t try to make things easy for you!

The title RunningForNow is about my recent decision to train for a Half Marathon (13.1 miles). It’s October 25th, 2007 and I’m hoping to run the Davis Stampede in Feb. ’08, just around the corner. I was going to run the Davis Turkey Trot, but I’ll be back in N.H. for Thanksgiving — so not this year.

I have been running (or roller blading, biking) steadily – but not seriously – for the past month and figured it was time to set a goal. Tuesday night I bought new sneaks and ran about 7.5 miles, which was a bit much for where I’m at in the training process, but the sneaks certainly fit, felt great and I’m looking forward to logging some miles with them. While I wouldn’t consider myself an aspiring athlete or serious trainer, it made sense to put a carrot out there and see what’s possible.

But this blog isn’t just about running, it’s also about putting creative endeavors into perspective and trying to rejuvinate the thrill of making art, music, movies, etc. Expect to see some random musings, semi-inspired revelations, pictures and links to other points of interest. One never knows when those groovy ideas will strike.

I’ve found that running is a fantastic way to let my mind wander off into the sky or delve inward; sorting through the clutter and putting things in order – or just letting it all go bye-bye. All this while taking in the scenery of Davis and the Yolo County area and burning some calories to boot. Not a bad deal.

I may not post everyday, but check back every so often for updates.

Until then…

~ Jeff

“You can’t have it all and even if you could where would you put it?”


One Response to “first entry”

  1. Mandevu Says:

    I don’t know, Slim. But if I was planning on logging, I’d be looking into some boots rather than running shoes, regardless of whether they fit or not! And won’t all those ecological-types around Davis tar and feather you if you start harvesting timber within city limits? That’s when you’ll need the sneaks!

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