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adios October 2007

October 31, 2007

Sorry to see you go, October, but all good things must meet their demise at some point.

Only 2 more months until 2008? Now that’s scary.



October 30, 2007

Pine cones and leaves… what’s not to love?

Feel free to copy/paste/use these images if you are so inclined.

from a little big bee

October 30, 2007

I just read an online interview with Jerry Seinfeld and thought this bit was worth posting:

Once the fanfare of “Bee Movie” has subsided, Seinfeld simply is planning to hit the road again and get back to what he calls his “normal, daily life”: writing and honing his standup act.

Still, he says, “It’s fun to chop down a big tree once in a while. I don’t know if I could live this way all the time, but every once in a while. I think that’s why people run these marathons: `I wonder if I could run that far without dying.’ It’s idiotic, but it’s part of human nature.”

This bolded blurb ties in with my current filmmaking ambitions or lack thereof, hence the half-marathon carrot or ‘big tree’ as Seinfeld puts it. Yeah, it’s not a full marathon – yet – but it’s more about setting up goals and knocking them down. Since I don’t have a big movie tree to chop down these days, running towards a finish line, literally, will have to do.


October 30, 2007

We had an unexpected guest drop by on Sunday. Thinking fast I grabbed the MantisCam® before our visitor decided to leave. Enjoy.

The reproductive process in a majority of mantis species is marked by sexual cannibalism of the male by the female, and is an ongoing subject of research.

More interesting facts here!

heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe – repeat until sore

October 29, 2007

1 hour and 24 minutes later the loop was history. Not the best time (10.5 minute/mile) but it’s a step in the right direction. Those long roads alongside route 113 are actually really safe; very little traffic, no winding curves and no parked cars.

I must rig a way to tote my camera along with me. The easterly cloud formation at sunset was spectacular and it would have made a nice snapshot. And there are oodles of other bizarre images to capture as well. I tried using my black nylon belt pack but that wasn’t cutting it – too bulky and the camera jostled around inside. I’ll come up with something.

8 Mile

October 29, 2007

Eminem, eat your heart out.

Yellow star is Oak Avenue Home Base. (not Carl’s Jr.)

Here’s an 8 mile loop I’m aiming for tonight. I ran a different 8 mile loop on Thursday, but for some reason this one looks more intimidating. Me thinks it’s partly due to a weekend of good eats and treats. There’s no shortage of calories this time of year.

Goal this week: Mon-Thursday training, Friday off, Sat morning run, Sunday rest.

I’ll taper back and adjust my distances from week to week, experimenting with some shorter, faster runs, eventually settling on a 5-7 mile core loop. This routine also involves a lot of cross-training as well, like the hike mentioned below; roller blading and biking are fair game, too. We’ll see what happens… It’s all about balance.

tread on me

October 28, 2007

Yesterday, instead of a run, Bec and I hiked Cold Canyon (Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve to be exact).

A view of Lake Berryessa from the crest of the trail.

Typically we get going earlier in the day making it a morning hike into the early afternoon, but this time we decided to sleep in a bit and shoot for a late afternoon hike, aiming to get back to the car before it got too dark. We parked the car at 2:45ish and made it back by 5:15ish for about 2.5 hours of trail time – not sure about the miles. I have to say, hiking that time of day is a real treat as the light is soft and the air is generally cool, making for some nice photos. I had my camera handy on my belt to snap a few shots along the way. The ride from Davis to Winters, where the trail is, was about 30 minutes.

We found wandering souls imprinted on the trail… evidence that we weren’t alone. Tis the Halloween season I suppose.

The trail was chockablock with these little nut pods. Not sure what they are, but they did look tasty. Anyone? I love the glossy brown skin. ** I’ve just been informed that these trees are California Buckeye (another link here) – thanks Shaw! **

This little guy looked tasty, too, but proved too fast for me and scooted under the shrubs before I could catch him. I ate my grapes instead.

There’s a fantastic contrast to be found in this area this time of year, between lots of greens mixed with the bright colors of fall. We’d like to get a few more longer day hikes in before the rainy weather (?) muddies up the trails too much. If you have any ideas let me know!

You know — for the joints!

October 27, 2007

Yes. I’m a glucosamine junkie. Several months back I developed some knee pain, aka runner’s knee, aka underdeveloped quads and poor running posture. I did make a trip to the doctor’s to get some X-rays as the “crunchies” were audible when flexing and bending my knees, mostly my right. When hanging out with friends I’d become Old Grampa, flexing the knees for people , “You hear that?” referring to what sounded like rice crispies “That’s not good.” Then we’d crack up imagining me 50 years from now on the porch entertaining the neighborhood kids with Palmer’s Amazing Knee Symphony. Well, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

So I’ve since been taking the recommended amounts of Glucosamine & Chrondroitin (a joint rebuilding and strengthening formula) for what ails me and, I must say, the crunchies and pain have diminished considerably. [it’s even orange]

Plus I’ve improved my running posture as I used to lean forward far too much, thus putting more stress on the kneecaps. And I’ve also been running more on grass and dirt, trying to avoid as much pavement as I can. On top of all this maintenance I got new sneaks which will certainly provide more spring in my step. With any luck I’m on track and on the mend.

Still, there’s no shortage of Vitamin C, A and beta carotene in my diet these days, which is fine by me. And according to the medicine ingredients I even get a dose of shellfish with each tablespoon. Mmmmm… citrus flavored shrimp anyone?


October 26, 2007

Here’s the sort of street scene I’m seeing this time of year. Even in Davis we get our share of foliage. A visual feast – instead of the previous feast for the tummy. Lots of vitamins for the eyes in one way or another.

Orange seems to be the color of the month: sneakers, carrots, leaves, pumpkins…

Oh yeah, you’ll be seeing those real soon.

food porn – better with butter

October 26, 2007

Boy oh boy was this a good meal! From a few days ago… Look at all that vitamin A!

breaded and baked catfish fillets (on the green list), lentil wild rice, buttered carrots and wilted spinach. OMG so tasty. I challenge anyone in Davis to find a better meal in town – at the price of about $6 a plate. Anyone?

I think my pal Shaw was telling me that carrots are best with butter because the vitamin A gets digested better with fat. We don’t eat a lot of butter, but I’ll definitely be eating my carrots this way – especially now that we’re moving into the cooler season. Bring on them root veggies!